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Elizabeth Guardia

Elizabeth Guardia

Elizabeth Guardia

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Liz provides an alternative approach to real estate. Even though the Boston and Cambridge real estate markets are competitive, and some people may want a more ferocious broker- Liz’s calmer vibe is attractive to the modern-day boutique kind of buyer.  Liz helps her clients find homes that are uplifting to their spirits and their health. She says  “if you are happy with your house, location, and integrated into your community, you have it all!” It’s Liz’s mission to help people find that special place they will call home.

Liz is a mom of two wild young boys, a wife to a serial entrepreneur, and a passionate yoga teacher living in Arlington. Liz loves living in Arlington because of the strong sense of community, environmentally and socially conscious-minded citizens, the arts/food scene, general quirkiness, and its ability to make you feel like you are living the urban life while being right next to the woods!
Liz was born and raised in Massachusetts. She has been all around the world, but she will tell you that there is no place quite like New England! She says, “If you want to find people who are smart and innovative, who care and are resilient, while living on a backdrop of seasons that change just in time for you to not get sick of them, and in a place full of historical richness, then this is the place for you!”
Liz is definitely not your typical agent. Liz focuses on finding people homes that match their lives and personalities, which can take time. If you want an agent that focuses on quality, not volume, and you’re looking for someone a little more down to earth you will definitely enjoy working with Liz!
If you were not able to tell by their last names, Liz and Emma are a sister team and they work together on almost every project, which their clients very much enjoy!

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Our team offers clients a two-fer, providing both Emma's perspective, non-stop energy, experience and appreciation of all things Millennial and Roland's wisdom and intuition acquired only through experience.

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